zaterdag 23 februari 2008

Moontan joined fashcon and new release

I joined fashcon and made my first announcement yesterday. I've never seen this much people in one of my shops ever en i enjoyed it so much.
To celebrate I placed a gift in store. It's a set called "A fine mess" containing a necklace and bracelet in silver.

A new release is the feathered sets wich i called "Owl", "Sparrow" en "Parrot". These sets are decorated with feathers and tiny beads made of jade, turquois and onyx. These are examples of what is possible. At request i can make these sets in a stone in my collection of your choise. Just ask me.

zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Diamond Drops

Diamond Drops sets in gold or silver contain necklace, earrings and a ring. These sets are carefully designed to fit perfectly and have optional bling.

First blog

Welcome to my blog :-)

This blog is ment to promote my secondlife shop and show you my new items.
If you like what you see please visit my shop at Starfish. My main shop is located in K&K Fine Quality, a shop owned bye Kakaue Yoshikawa. Kakaue sells awesome goods as shoes and boots, scripted beds and a fully equiped photostudio. Take your time to examine his shop as well.
See you in Starfish!