dinsdag 27 mei 2008


My favourite movies (sidelist) are because.....
* Crouching Tiger hidden Dragon - well, its a chinese fairytale
* Finding Nemo - Dorie's short memory problems and she can talk on and on and on .. ;-) Best part Dorie talking to the whales
* Kill Bill 1 and 2 - Ah, strong- woman- Uma- Thurman (and i like all movies of Quentin Tarantino)
* Terms of endearment: for a good cry; the part in hospital where Shirley MacLaine wants help for her daughter who's in pain..
* LOTR part 1,2,3- because of 1. Aragorn and 2. Aragorn and 3. Aragorn
* Shawshank redemption: Best ending ever!

I like all comic movies Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ironman, the incredibles...
Freebie of this week is called Kryptonite (yay, love that song, it's my ringtone)

If I go crazy then will you still
call me Superman
If I'm alive and well, will you be
there holding my hand I'll keep you by my side with
my superhuman might

~Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down

zaterdag 24 mei 2008

Stars stars and some more stars

Katties Frolic was originally designed as a custom job ...for Kattie offcourse. It needed to be a sweet simple set a 13-year old would like to wear. Ah 13, that age between napkin and tablecloth :-). Hmm translated this from dutch, is this an english saying too?

I got the permission to sell the set in store so i made a second one some more mature, glittering and with optional bling. These sets contain all: Necklace, bangles, studs, hairclip, bellypiercing and anklestrap. Could i have made up more? (Aaaah forgot to make a belt ^^)

These large number of items in a set show that i reilly liked working on them, didn't bore me at all.

Come What May

Worked my ass to finish this set in time for a bridal expo.
I needed a romantic name ;-) and one of my favourite romantic movies is Moulin Rouge. Come What May is Satin's and Christian's lovetheme. Words are over-sweet but easy to sing along ;-)
I will love you...until my dy.....ing....day (hahaha)

Ojos Asi

Ojos Asi (eyes of those) is a Shakira song. Strong passionate and very dansable ;-)
Originally made this set to match a flower-power dress (Voda's) but i think wearing it with this dress it looks more gypsy-like. The dress is a still a freebie at Voda's check her shop. And as you save money on the dress buy the Ojos Asi to complete it ^^. Another combination of colors? Just ask me.

Long since...

Long time ago since i wrote in this blog. Well what's new? Sl is as usuall, some days are boring and other days exciting :-) I still like to be here though. I build a garden on Moontan's ridge and it had to be a small one for i saved prims to be able to build. So now my jewelry is created in a garden and I'm getting more visitors then before :-). I'ts a welcome distraction from work.
Created a lot since the last time.

How you move, how you move me
with your beauty's potency
You give me life, please don't let me go
you touch the lily in my soul
Moving ~Kate Bush