woensdag 16 april 2008


It's been busy in rl and sl. Did a lot of nice things , met a lot of nice people. I rented a place and build me a house. It's a small house but i like it and the spot is lovely too. I can watch the sea and the stars and dance on my roof :-). My avi cat resembles my rl cat, he sleeps all the time.
Never thought it would be this nice, having my own place, surrounded by things I like only. Its a good place to start and end sl days ;-)
I made a new set, finally. It's called "Lief". Lief is a dutch word and maybe one of the best, most friendly words in my language.
I thought of that name while driving in my car and singing along with this song :-)

Ik heb je lief
wat moet ik zonder jou
het zijn vier hele kleine woordjes
en al maakt je dat een beetje bang
ik heb je lief vier jaargetijden lang
Ik heb je lief~Paul de Leeuw