vrijdag 28 maart 2008

Faith Hope and Love

This week I went to Voda's birthdayparty. Missed most of it because of the rl birthday of my best friend but got in time to drink a bottle of wodka, dance real silly and enjoy the great fireworks :-)

My friend Jadee named one of her lovely dresses after me! And I will model it for the add. This made me very happy :-)
My new sets and a new freebie are to be released today (if sl lets me). The set is called Faith Hope Love. It's a bit of a cliche theme but still so very strong. I wish all of you a lot of faith, hope and love, especially the ones that need it so much for having bad times.

Listening Coldplay today:
Where do we go nobody knows
Don’t ever say you’re on your way down, when
God gave you style and gave you grace
And put a smile upon your face

zondag 23 maart 2008

woensdag 19 maart 2008

Moontan is having a smoke :-D

I had my fashcon mail out yesterday and have made good sales :-). My freebie was blogged 2 times on fabfree and freestyle. I met a lot of nice people in store who complimented me on my jewelry. Thats very nice so come on girls buy buy, lol.
My new release is called SPRING though its not very springy in the Netherlands. Its still so cold here. The pics of SPRING were taken by Pjotr Yoshikawa and he edited them lovely. He showed me the castle where he lives and works and i had a cool flight there on the back of an eagle.

Voda, Guinan and me were making some plans for Voda's SL-birthday next tuesday. Voda and I smoked some pot being tinies, lol. We had great fun. Its good to relax after hard work! I'm the red one with the green eyes ^^

I'm listening Rammstein at the moment. I'm in a "heavy" mood. Nice dark tekst.
Ein kleiner mensch stirbt nuhr zum schein
wollte ganz alleine sein
dass kleiner herz stand still fur stunden
so hat mann es fur tot befunden
es wurd verschart im nassen sand
mit einer spieluhr in der hand

zaterdag 15 maart 2008

Saturday = busy day

Hey you know what? I had some visitors on this blog :-) Write me a message peops so I know this blog exists, lol.
I had a busy week (rl too) so my new release will be out this sunday or monday. Its ready but still has to be taken pics. I rented a new shop at Yoshi's mall (Pjotr Yoshikawa, another nice Yoshikawa ;-)). This mall is for designers only and there is no rent. The catch is : Pjotr makes you one add a week, at a price yes, but very reasonable. So its mutual benefit here.
I met a very nice girl too this week, her name is Jadee Pera and she makes awefull good clothes. So check her shop, LM is in the sidebar of this blog.
I made you all a new freebie and you know what? It started a necklace and ended up being a keychain. Thats me.... I start an idea and see what comes out of it.
I'm not releasing it yet but I will give you a preview. I tried out a new texture on this one - stainless steel -.

My little boycat Indy is no boy anymore since yesterday. He was quit sick the first few hours but he's his playfull and happy self again today. Cat's don't have long memories :-)
So for him and all the cats who once owned me, some lines:
You make me smile when I'm just about to cry
You bring me hope, you make me laugh - and I like it
You get away with murder, so innocent
But when you throw a moody you're all claws and you bite
-That's alright !

(Queen- Delilah)

donderdag 6 maart 2008

Playfull in SL

What did I do in SL the past few days? I went to a rockconcert (but didn't like the howling guitars), met a nice Teddybear and went pose-searching with a friend. Not that much. The rest of my time here I spend making a new set and a new freebie. I tried to make the ads in PSP but that didn't work out very well so I used my old Picture It!
Well there's another weekend coming to learn more about PSP.
I'm listening to Mika. Great popsongs, they make me happy :-)

Do I attract you?
Do I repulse you with my greasy smile?
Am I too dirty?
Am I too flirty?
Do I like what you like?
I could be wholesome
I could be loathsome
I guess I'm a little bit shy
Why don't you like me?
Why don't you like me
Without making me try?

And now tadaaaa!!!.....release is tomorrow

zondag 2 maart 2008

Another lazy sunday and Sweet Memory release

This morning I rearranged furniture in rl. Shift things to another place made me discover a lot of dust, lol and some playstuff like little mouses from my junior cat Indy. But looking around now makes me real satisfied, the place seems bigger and more in harmony.

I'm creating another necklace, earrings and other stuff usually follow later. This thing gives me a headache so I decided to give it a rest for a while.

I 've installed psp newest version and there's a lot to discover and try out. My boxes are finally attached to the pc so now I have music again :-). I'm listening to my old playlist and oh its still so good to hear my favourite music off all times. Whats on my playlist? A huge pile, but I tell you some off the artists: Anastacia, Evanescence, Elvis Costello, U2, Nickleback, Nelly Furtado, Di-rect, Within Temptation. My favourite song for a long time is Kryptonite from Three Doors Down.

I released a new set this Friday. I had to rush because sl didn't allow me to take pics for a while. I wrote a note to fashcon and forgot the LM (embarrassed) so I had to send one more. Got a warning from fashcon today so next time I take my time. The new sets are called Sweet Memory and come in pearl and granate. They turned out quit nice and I'm proud off them :-D. On the pics you see Moontan in blonde, not my color but pretty eh? ^^