vrijdag 28 november 2008

Freebietime- YEAH!!!

Not even december yet and Christmas freebies are advertised everywhere.
Sl is not that different from RL in this matter. I don't have a christmas feeling at all now, but decided to join the club ;-)
I made a freebie (actually dollarbie) set and there's more to come. I think my next freebie will be a christmas bear. I do like to dress this little one different now and then.
Anyway here's a picture of the set called "boxes". No fantasy for a name on this one. Touch the necklace and you can switch on/ off a tune. The tune is the start of "8 days of Christmas" by Destiny's Child.
And if you come to fetch it, be sure you check Judy's shop MOOI. She set one of her dresses for one dollar for a limited time only.
I'm busy trying to make a snow-emitter. Can't find the off - switch in the script and I don't want to let it snow forever... Ow those scripts are a pain in....

A new release is on it's way as soon as the pictures are taken.

maandag 10 november 2008

Ni Hao and a little bit more

Ni Hao is chinese and it means "how are you"or "hello". In fact if you translate this very directly it means "you good" and it's more a fact than a question.
Ni Hao i named my new sets. The texture of the beads I found on taiwanese sites so you might say these pieces are asian orientated. The main beads show a turtle (green) and a womans face(pink).

I also made a line of cute little luckboys and-girls (taiwanees again). Here are some pics to show you what they look like. The bracelet is in my group-notices right now so you can get it for free for a limited time. I enjoyed making these big time!
My freebie is another Teddy-keychain, a panda to stay in theme :-).

dinsdag 4 november 2008


This little story is about Judy. Judy is one of my best and earliest friends in secondlife.
Judy and I met in sl a long time ago. We were neighbours in a mall owned by a very nice chap who decided this mall was for starting designers and we didn’t have to pay rent (or maybe 1L per week, can’t remember ).
We started talking and because there wasn’t that much traffic we talked for hours and hours. Judy was the one that first showed me how to make a (very simple) bracelet, at that time I was eh selling secondhands I won in lucky chairs. Still have that bracelet somewhere in my inventory :-).
We had our dreams about making stuff and owning a real shop.
Judy told me her story. She is from Taiwan and a few years before she met a dutch guy and they fell in love. She married him and followed him all the way to the Netherlands to start their future together.
In the Netherlands there’s a rule for newcomers to follow a program, learn the language, learn dutch habits, learn dutch democracy and so on… And you even have to take exams.
Learning dutch is difficult, especially to speak dutch and Judy has no rl-job to make it all a bit easier for her. It’s a bit like me talking english, my tongue gets twisted and it makes me unsure if I use the right words or expressions.
The longer Judy lives in the Netherlands, so very different from her homeland, the more she got homesick, missing her family, friends and the habits and culture she was used to.
A few weeks ago, after a short absence from sl, Judy decided to buy some land and start shop and she offered me space for mine.
Judy decided to build a small mall. The mall includes her shop and mine. And thinking back in time she decided to take in new designers and give them a chance to display and sell their builds. A part of MOOI (mooi = dutch for beautifull) is designed as a place where you can learn about Taiwan, there are many colorfull photo’s to see and some explanation about the many tribes that live in Taiwan.
Judy’s main goal is not commercial but to show- and tell about Taiwanese people and culture. It’s her way to show her love for her homeland and share. I think this is a wonderfull purpose and sl is a very good platform for it.
If you’re interested go and visit. If you want Judy to give you some explanation you’ll have to wait for about two weeks, she’s moving house rl at this moment. And don’t worry Judy’s English is very fine!