maandag 27 oktober 2008

Found a picture !

Hehe, finally found the picture of my new shop. The shop was originally
designed by Josepy Enzo, an elfclanner and great builder (his house is an emerald castle and a yellow brick road is leading to it). I had to change the shop because it had rotating parts, looked real cool but that was causing too much lag :-(

The new jewelry is named "When the lady smiles"after a song by the Golden Earring (old dutch rockers ;-).

zaterdag 25 oktober 2008

New main at MOOI

My new mainshop is located at MOOI.
MOOI is owned by Judy36 Twine my dutch/ taiwanese friend. Judy and me were once renters in a mall where the owner Ethan LeSabre allowed new designers to rent for free. Judy decided to give some new designers such a chance too. Opening will be 30th octobre 9-10 PDT with a lot of activities: live dj, xploder and a gift-hunt.
Your chance to see and purchase some real good new stuff for reasonable prices. Come and meet Judy, she's nice and real funny.

I'm still filling boxes, they all need a new landmark and a new notecard and necklaces and bracelets I made modify so you can adjust them if you want to.
I made a pic of my new main but i can't find it again in my computer, hahahaha. I will make a new one as soon as possible.
I made some new stuff and a nice freebie and i will release them officialy on octobre 30th.

zaterdag 11 oktober 2008

Moontan is moving again (twice this time)

I didn't write this blog for ages. I've been busy busy busy and i made some major decisions regarding SL.

First of all I left my spot Moontan's Ridge and moved house to Moontan's Ridge (the second). This was a decision that took me a while for I enjoyed the old place (loved them beavers splashing around). Moontan's ridge 2th I build all over again and that was fun. I added some pics so you can see how it turned out to be.

Second major decision is I stopped my mainshop at Kakaue's. Kakaue relocated her main and build a huge new shop (go check it out!). This was an appropiate moment for me to think things over. I love building and I like making jewelry. But i like to build more than jewelry and I like to build in my own pace. So at this point I'm ready to start my own mainshop and just see how that will turn out. If you're interested be a little patient. The shop is under construction now but I promise you it will look GREAT :) and I'm searching land to put it on. In this blog I will make notes about the progress. That's all for now. New jewelry is on it's way (no pics yet).