dinsdag 29 juli 2008

Fino in fondo

Fino in fondo, necklace and earrings in bright or dark silver. The centerpart drop of these sets contain a colorchange menu and i added optional bling.
No more words needed, see for yourself ..

zondag 27 juli 2008


Building is great but having fun in sl is just as good. Yesterday i was at the grand opening of Warhammer located in Elvenmyst. Warhammer is like a lasergame in rl. You're supposed to be armoured or some kind of monster. You can join Imperium or Chaos and fight eachother. I've seen the most spectacular outfits and monsters :-) Being a good girl I joined Imperium ofcourse.
There are three stages. First there's an arena, 1 on 1 fights trying to push your opponent from the stage which is getting smaller along the way. Second stage looks like the familiar lasergame stage and third stage is a battleship with corridors and corners to hide. I had a very good time, it's an exciting game and i had so many laughs my stomach still hurts :-D I'm the tall trooper in red not drinking tea.

And look at this pic from my sl cat Pits. Often when i'm working he's trying to get my attention bumping my legs or looking at me this way. I know he's not but he looks quit real, lol

Oh yes that too; made some new jewelry but no pics yet. I'll show them later.

zaterdag 19 juli 2008

Ahum ;-)

I searched my beadbox and found the perfect beads to match this left-over organzas i have.
Kidding, for as you know my jewelry is made of prim-pixels.
And you know, when i start something it's hard for me to not keep adding stuff ;-) So the first results had three bows on them. Two people with good taste convinced me that less is more so i removed one bow...two bows. Now the necklace wasn't in balance anymore and hey it's summer, I can be excessive, eh? So I allowed myself to ad a flower (ahum).
Summer Breeze is made in organza and silver and comes in 3 colors. And again it matches Voda's-Voda's boutique- perfectly. That's because most of the time I wear her gowns, they're my favourites!

Tried to laugh here (why does it always somehow look like i'm being electrocuted?)

The pic failed, looks bad inworld.
Have to shoot all over again grrr&*%^#!!!!!

maandag 7 juli 2008


Someone close to my heart is in Aruba right now.
that's why these new sets are all named in Papiamento.

Bon Dia = good day

Bon Tardi = good afternoon

Bon nochi = good night

Dushi = sweet

Pa Sèmper = for ever