maandag 10 november 2008

Ni Hao and a little bit more

Ni Hao is chinese and it means "how are you"or "hello". In fact if you translate this very directly it means "you good" and it's more a fact than a question.
Ni Hao i named my new sets. The texture of the beads I found on taiwanese sites so you might say these pieces are asian orientated. The main beads show a turtle (green) and a womans face(pink).

I also made a line of cute little luckboys and-girls (taiwanees again). Here are some pics to show you what they look like. The bracelet is in my group-notices right now so you can get it for free for a limited time. I enjoyed making these big time!
My freebie is another Teddy-keychain, a panda to stay in theme :-).

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Enzo zei

Hiya Moontan,

Whats coincidence?
I know a girl who is called Ni Hao, she is the daughter og the owner in a Chinese restaurant, where i come regulary and for ages....I know her since she was born. Her mother is always happy to see us come, and says "alles goed", makes alway lil chit chat with us, and we ask how Ni Hao is, not knowing the meaning of her name. When we go she always waves and says: "doei doei". We often get free wine or a nice present, last time a lil puppet...just one simular you made. Knowing you makes me "a lucky boy".
You and me often talk about music as well, did you hear: Adele - Make You Feel My Love.Lovely lovesong. Enzo