vrijdag 28 november 2008

Freebietime- YEAH!!!

Not even december yet and Christmas freebies are advertised everywhere.
Sl is not that different from RL in this matter. I don't have a christmas feeling at all now, but decided to join the club ;-)
I made a freebie (actually dollarbie) set and there's more to come. I think my next freebie will be a christmas bear. I do like to dress this little one different now and then.
Anyway here's a picture of the set called "boxes". No fantasy for a name on this one. Touch the necklace and you can switch on/ off a tune. The tune is the start of "8 days of Christmas" by Destiny's Child.
And if you come to fetch it, be sure you check Judy's shop MOOI. She set one of her dresses for one dollar for a limited time only.
I'm busy trying to make a snow-emitter. Can't find the off - switch in the script and I don't want to let it snow forever... Ow those scripts are a pain in....

A new release is on it's way as soon as the pictures are taken.

1 opmerking:

Enzo zei

Hi Moontan,

Again i drop by….
And now I see you are giving away the finest gadgets.
I find myself a lucky guy in receiving one of the most beautiful gadgets I’ve ever seen.
Your dragonfly is as bright as moonlight and as fine as the insect herself.
You managed to put a song in it, how dear memories I have on this song from now on.
Enya wrote an instrumental song what goes pretty along with this peace of jewellery too.
It is like you describes how dragonflies fly. Maybe you can put this song in a mass- produced dragonfly-peace, hahaha. I certainly think many people like your fine soundy-jewelery, but as always is fun you like most, not earning money. I think you can win many hearts, mine you’ve stolen.

Mary Xxxmas